Bond Homes have double glazing to all windows.

Bond Homes ceilings are insulated with R4.0 batts.

Bond Homes walls are insulated with R2.0 batts and sisalation.

Bond Homes floors are insulated with R2.5 foil backed insulation.

We are often asked if we offer a range of energy efficient homes. The simple answer is that all the houses we construct are built to comply with or exceed the new 6 Star energy rating requirements. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our homes are energy efficient and have incorporated bulk insulation and double glazing as standard features throughout our range. Our houses are well insulated with:

R4.0 insulation in the ceiling,

R2.0 insulation to the walls,

R2.5 foil backed insulation under floor.

All windows in Bond Homes are double glazed. The cavity between the glass panels of our double glazed units is filled with argon gas. This makes the glazing unit 30% more thermally efficient than standard double glazing.

Energy Efficient Design

If energy efficient design is the top priority for your new home, then you will be glad to know that we have the capability to build truly energy efficient homes which are optimised for solar gain, low energy consumption and comfortable living. We have a few designs in our standard range that lend themselves ideally to energy efficiency when the correct optimum siting, orientation and window placements are incorporated. These designs are the              , the                 and the                       .

When Building fully optimised, energy efficient homes we employ the main principles of energy-smart design. These are:

Daytime living areas with large north facing windows to receive unobstructed winter sun.

Internal planning to create zones which reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling.

Windows which are appropriately orientated and sized with protection from winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

Adequate insulation in walls, ceilings and floors.

Good draught proofing.

Ventilation for summer cooling.

As most                           end up on larger sized blocks, they can more easily be sited to optimise the orientation for winter sun gain. The freedom to choose the orientation gives a Bond Home a great advantage over houses that are built in tight housing subdivisions. The correct orientation coupled with energy smart design creates a comfortable, energy efficient home that is friendly to the environment and results in lower energy bills for the occupant.

Bond Homes can be delivered anywhere in Victoria. As part of our energy rating process the various climatic zones in the state are taken into account and each home is individually rated for its own climatic zone. This means that no matter if you live in Mildura or Mt. Beauty, we can provide you with a comfortable, energy efficient home.




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Bond Homes has over 35 years experience in building quality transportable homes and granny flats. We'll design a home to suit your individual lifestyle, needs and budget. All Bond Homes are constructed efficiently with quality materials and workmanship. Cost effective and created for maximum space, Bond Homes are designed from the floor up for trouble free transportation throughout Victoria. You can personally select colour schemes and fixtures and let us take care of the details.

Bond Homes have double glazing to all windows. Bond Homes ceilings are…

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