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At Bond Homes we specialise in factory manufactured homes. Each Bond Home is built on an engineered steel sub-floor comprising structural steel bearers that run the length of the home. To these bearers are welded box section floor joists. The entire floor is fixed to the stumps for systems available on the market. The Bond floor system is engineered for trouble free transportation. You gain peace of mind as well as a floor that will not shrink and is resistant to termites!

Site preparation and the pouring of concrete footings are carried out simultaneously with factory construction. The difficult part of delivery and precise placement over the footings is made easy with our engineered steel sub-floor, which allows for safe manoeuvring of the home into its exact position.

Our engineered steel sub-floor provides the best balance in strength and planning flexibility. Its clear spanning structural steel beams and widely spaced piers are ideal for elevating to capture a view or coping with a sloping site.

Building today's home styles using tomorrow's technology provides a welcome change to the slow and wasteful methods of conventional building. Bond Homes achieves this change by building each home at their Ballarat factory and transporting the finished home to any suitable site in Victoria.

Building a home in a factory allows for fast and efficient construction without wastage or delay. Supervision is constant and tradesmens rates reflect this construction efficiency. You gain exceptional value for money with your home purchase.

Bond Homes are designed from the floor up for trouble free transportation and are built much stronger than conventional homes. Naturally, each home is registered with the Masters Builders Home Warranty Scheme and is covered by a six and a half year guarantee.

Our floor plans have been specifically designed to cater for a wide variety of lifestyles and site opportunities. Fine tuning of room arrangements and window positioning is possible to suit your exact requirements.

The key to successful transportable home construction is getting the floor right first. The process of loading, transporting, unloading and sometimes craning a home into position imposes unusual stresses on the home. To cope with this a rigid floor is essential.

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