Save With Solar

How it works:

The solar panels are fitted to your roof.

Solar Electric panels generate electricity from the sun's energy.

The electricity generated is fed through an inverter directly to the power meter.

When you use electricity you are using solar generated power, or power from the grid if solar energy is insufficient. If you are using little or no electricity, your solar system is feeding electricity back into the grid and the power supply company buys that power from you.

So simply – you can use your solar power immediately to run your home appliances, and what you don't use you sell to the power company.

Electricity Free From the Sun

The Benefits of Solar Electricity:

Clean, free, electricity from the sun

No greenhouse gas emissions

Reduced or eliminated electricity bills

Protection against rising electricity costs

Silent operation with no moving parts

Increased value of your home or business

Long warranties. Long life.

Government rebates

Additional Benefits

By making the switch to solar power for your home or business, you can make a significant difference to our environment and save money at the same time.

During times when your system is creating more power than your home can consume, a grid-connected solar array lets you sell this excess electricity to other consumers via your own power company.

Many homeowners are reporting electricity savings on their bills. Over time, generating your own solar electric power will pay for the cost of the equipment and even earn you money during the life of your home.

Profiting from your power company and reducing your electricity by selling back your excess solar energy is likely to be the most beneficial part of any Solar system.

Doing it while helping the environment and keeping your home more self sufficient on its own energy system are just additional perks in sustainable design. Add the Government rebates that are still available, and making the switch to solar makes complete sense.




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