Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Bond Homes build in bushfire prone areas?

A. Yes, once we finalise the design of your new home, a site assessment will need to be undertaken to ascertain your property's Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), which will determine the construction methods that must be used. The construction requirements will take into account a range of factors, including the Fire Danger Index, land slope and type of surrounding vegetation and its proximity to the building.

Q: What is a Bushfire Area?

A. Bushfire Areas are indentified on bushfire prone land map which has been prepared for different areas throughout Victoria.

Q: What is a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)?

A. A Bushfire Attack Level is a means of measuring the severity of a buildings potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact.

Q: How many Bushfire Attack Levels are there?

A. There are  six Bushfire Attack Levels: BAL-low; BAL-12.5; BAL-19; BAL-29; BAL-40 and BAL-FZ.

Q: Are the Homes insulated?

A. Yes, all Bond Homes come standard with bulk insulation to the external walls, in the ceiling and under the floor. Double glazing is standard to all windows making Bond Homes the most thoroughly insulated transportable home on the market.

Q: Do the homes meet the new 6 Star energy rating requirements?

A. Yes, each new home is individually energy rated to ensure compliance with the 6 Star energy code. We take into account the orientation, site features and climatic zone of each house to ensure energy efficiency and comfortable living conditions. Click here to learn more about our energy efficient homes.

Q: Are floor coverings included?

A. Yes, and we have a wide range of colours and textures to choose from. Our standard floor coverings are:
  • Vinyl or tile floor covering to bathroom, ensuite, laundry, wc & kitchen
  • Quality Carpets with Underlay to all other rooms.

We can also make provision for other floor coverings, (such as floor tiles) upon request.

Q: How long does it take to build a Bond Home?

A. All our homes are factory built and typically take between 6 and 8 weeks to construct depending on the size of the home.
A typical time frame from signing of contract to delivery is about 4 months. This takes into account the time taken by councils to process permits, (which can vary from one council to the next).

Q: Who organises the building permit?

A. We organise and submit the building permit on your behalf. The cost of the building permit is included in the documented price. Click here to request current pricing for all our homes.

Q: Do Bond Homes build on site?

A. No, we don't build on site. All our homes are factory built at our manufacturing centre and transported to site.

Q: Do Bond Homes come with a warranty?

A. Yes, All our homes are registered with the Masters Builders Home Warranty Scheme and are covered by a six and a half year structural guarantee.

Naturally, all fixtures and appliances are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranty.

As an extra level of quality assurance, we include a 90-day service. After you have been living in your new home for 90 days we return to make sure that our quality benchmarks have been met. We service anything that needs attention and ensure that you are satisfied with your new home.

Q: Who pays if the home is damaged during transport?

A. Our homes are fully insured during transport so there is no cost to the customer in the unlikely event of damage.

Q: Can modifications be made to the standard designs?

A. Yes, we offer the opportunity to modify our designs to suit your requirements. We can even build custom designs.

Q: Can designs be modified to accommodate disabled requirements?

A. Yes, we provide a construction and fitout for all degrees of disabled requirements. Some options are:
  • access ramps and handrails
  • safety grab rails
  • stepless showers
  • wider doorways and passages
  • disabled toilets
  • custom bench heights

Q: Do Bond Homes build Kit homes?

A. No, we don't build kits. All our houses are factory manufactured and delivered to site complete.

Q: Do Bond Homes build homes to 'lock-up'?

A. Yes, our lock-up stage is built complete on the outside and the internal fitout is left to you. We can build our homes to various levels of completion and price them accordingly.

Q: Is a transportable home as strong as a site built home?

A. Because transportable homes are built to be transported, they are specifically engineered to be stronger to cope with the stresses and strains of movement during transport. The floor structure is built as a steel chassis and the walls are constructed with greater structural integrity and more bracing than a traditionally built home. At the end of the day, a transportable home is a more solid construction and will stand the test of time better than a site built home.

Q: What is the difference between a 'Transportable' and a 'Relocatable'?

A. A Transportable home is a home that is factory built and transported to site. All of our homes are transportable.

A Relocatable home is a home that is transported to site with the intention of being relocated at a later time. The term 'Relocatable' usually arises when councils are referring to a granny flat, (or Dependent Person's Unit). Council regulations allow a second dwelling on a block on the condition that it must be a 'Relocatable' dwelling. The idea behind this rule is that once the occupant of the granny flat leaves, then the granny flat is to be removed from the site.

Although the term 'Relocatable' is generally reserved for granny flats, all of our homes can also be termed 'relocatable'. We simply use the terminology to suit the situation.

Q: What is a Dependent Person?

A. In the case of a permissible second dwelling on a title in the form of a granny flat, (or Dependent Person's Unit) the general definition of a 'Dependent Person' is a person who is dependent on a resident of the existing dwelling. This definition has no restriction on age or degree of mobility or physical/mental health.

Click here to find out more about Granny Flats.

Q: What progress payments are required when purchasing a Bond Home?

A. There are typically 6 progress payments required when purchasing a Bond Home.

  Name of Stage: Description: Percentage of contract price:
1. Deposit At signing of contract. 5%
2. Base At commencement of building. 5%
3. Frame At completion of wall and roof frame. 15%
4. Lockup At completion of wall and roof cladding. 35%
5. Fitout Fitout at instalment of internal fittings. 30%
6. Final At completion of contract. 10%
      Total = 100%

*Click here to request up-to-date pricing for all homes in our range.

Q: Do Bond Homes offer Finance?

A. If you need funding for your new home we can help you with a financing option to suit your needs.

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